Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Hey everyone,

So it is T-Minus 8 days until I leave on this latest adventure. It has been amazing to see God's provision so far and His grace in absolutely incredible ways. I feel so blessed and excited to begin this new journey back in Kampala, Uganda. 

I will be teaching in a new Kindergarten school in Kampala as well as pioneering a Public Art Project within a few of the slums in the city - bridging the gap between those who live within and outside of the slums, making connections, and also creating opportunities for the kids within these neighbourhoods to see both their circumstances and themselves in a different way through art and creativity. 

I will also be leading a group of people from Kampala; artists, film makers and outreach workers, in this Art Project who have expressed enthusiasm in this idea and dream of bringing light and hope into a place filled with fear and despair. We will be creating a documentary of our experiences, which I am very excited about!

At this time I would also like to take a moment to thank my professor Gu Xiong at UBC for supervising and believing in my vision for this project, as well as the many people who have supported me both academically and financially through the preparation for this. Without all of your help this trip would not have been successful. Thank you.

Holly xoxo

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